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How to Understand Disease

This is essential that you just perceive, this week’s subject. We need to perceive how illness work in order that we will give attention to the ‘reverse.’ It’s by no means meant to be a ‘examine of illness’ as a result of after we examine illness, we put extra vitality into illness, we’ll get extra illness, extra hybrid illnesses coming into existence, as a result of the place we focus, vitality flows to, which suggests we get extra of it as a substitute of much less of it… Or if you want, the regulation of attraction, the place you focus you entice.

How ever you select it, if you perceive illness, please, please hold it easy, else it turns into a examine, which suggests you’re giving vitality to illness as a substitute of the alternative!

You allow it, you permit the illness at that then do the alternative of illness, in any case we live on the earth of duality. Illness is basically ‘state of existence’ of the dis-ease of the thoughts manifested within the bodily physique. Illness comes into existence, it should undergo the method of start, progress and demise!

The questions actually are:

· when will, the illness die, in any case when the illness die, we as human being have the well being to which we want, is not it?

· How lengthy does it reside?

· What does it reside on?

Illness come into existence by a single ‘seed’ of thought, a single seed of disharmonious thought. That is the start of illness in its potential of changing into a full grown matured illness.

When it comes into existence, like all child, animals, virus, micro organism, it select to ‘survive’ for so long as it may. It has a consciousness or if you happen to like, ‘survival intuition’ to proceed its existence earlier than disappearing again to the place it got here from within the first place, into nothing-ness the place thought, the primary seed got here from.

The method begins because it comes into existence, it attempt to extend its existence, as any people do additionally, it needs to reside, so it birthed, then it grows by dwelling onto some ‘meals’ to outlive then when the meals stops, just like the dinosaurs, turns into extinct, dies! That is the simplicity we wish you to have in understanding illness!

To trigger the illness to return to the top, to die, as a result of when illness dies, you’ve gotten the well being you want, so that you need the illness to die. There are 2 methods to do it.

· Take away the unique seed of thought;

· Cease feeding the illness.

Illness can’t exist, like mosquitoes in transferring water (vitality continues to stream). The place there are stagnant water, mosquitoes grows. When there are stagnant vitality throughout the physique, illness start its birthing and grows. Let’s name it the ‘illness atmosphere’. The illness will solely reside in atmosphere of ‘stagnation’, absence of illness when its atmosphere is ‘transferring’.

So we have now now three parts to illness:

· Unique seed of illness;

· Meals of illness;

· Setting of illness.

Now we have omitted the atmosphere for simplicity sake, which you’ll perceive after we are completed, as a result of the atmosphere present the ‘meals’ for illness, it is rather a lot associated.

You will get by with out having to consider it but it’s important sufficient to be talked about as a result of if you take away the atmosphere, the illness will die additionally, as a result of there is no such thing as a meals for illness to reside.

· Unique seed of illness is the unique considered disharmony with its host

(YOU, what you need to do)!

· Meals of illness is STRESS, any type of stress, issues that we need to do, however prevented from doing, seeing somebody you dislike or causes you stress that you must, no option to reside with due to what ever dedication you’ve gotten and so on.

· Setting of illness is STAGNATION of vitality. A spot the place the vitality is prevented from flowing, a spot the place all the things you do is seemed upon as a ‘no no’, or just put, no freedom of expression.

These are the three parts of illness, consider it because the oxygen of illness for it to return into existence and keep in existence, with out which the illness will start to die.

As talked about, meals of illness and atmosphere of illness may be very intently associated as a result of meals exist within the illness atmosphere…. As a result of the atmosphere of illness is stress, which is the meals for illness. If you starve the illness it dies.

Please notice, illness can die, however it may come again to reside once more, as I’ve realized from the crops by our good good friend, Mr Wong who works with crops. He tells me that crops even thought it has dried, can look like lifeless, however later it CAN come again to reside, when the atmosphere is appropriate to start life once more, it’s form of like a ‘hibernation mode’. What we’re saying is when the illness seems to have died, if you put the individual again into the identical illness atmosphere, the illness can come again to reside once more! So watch out if you put the individual again into the illness atmosphere.

Okay, lets start to place the entire collectively to grasp how illness work.

Illness comes into existence due to the ‘unique seed’ of disharmony. It then lives throughout the host when it’s feed from its atmosphere. When the meals stops, it dies.

The query then is, will the illness ever die earlier than the host?

Sure, the illness can die earlier than the host die, that is the target of this understanding, else there is no such thing as a want to grasp it… As a result of usually, the illness makes the host die! Sure, illness die when the meals runs out, the host is the atmosphere for the illness, when the meals runs out, as in when the host dies, the illness additionally dies… Typically if it turns into ‘robust’ it may even migrate to a different host!

The host’s atmosphere exterior the physique is the meals for the illness inside! It’s associated!

It’s that easy.

· If you take away the atmosphere, the illness begins to die.

· If you take away the unique seed, the illness dies.

When the illness atmosphere modifications, the illness begins to die as a result of the meals runs low. When the unique seed is eliminated, the atmosphere modifications again to the way it was. The atmosphere of illness is ‘stagnation’ of vitality stream with-in because of the stagnation of vitality stream with-out. Once more, the illness atmosphere is ‘stress’ or ‘stagnant vitality stream’. Which is meals for illness. If you take away it, illness dies, which is our goal.

You have got heard of individuals and even examine performed, that when an individual stops working, the life span of the individual is about 1.5 years after stopping the job. The vitality stops to stream, the stagnation of vitality stream exist and the illness takes maintain, reside off the host till the host dies, the illness dies.

However there are those that appear to defy the statistics. If you observe them, after they cease

work, they’ve ‘hobbies’ that they get pleasure from and meaning ‘they transfer the vitality’, stagnation of vitality is absence, which suggests illness atmosphere is absence, which suggests you’ve gotten well being as a substitute of demise.

The unique thought is more difficult as a result of it resides within the ‘previous’, the host’s previous. It is advisable to resolve that, some occasions to ‘discover’ the unique seed of illness is a problem by itself, they don’t need to keep in mind, they suppress it so effectively that they actually don’t keep in mind, therefore the seed continues to exist throughout the host, which suggests they might recuperate but it surely stay in ‘hibernation mode’, the seed will re-animate itself a while later.


Updated: March 7, 2018 — 2:10 am

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