JAMB Mock Exam 2017 Live Updates – See All Jambite Comments

JAMB Mock Exam 2017 Live Updates – See All Jambite Comments

JAMB Mock Exam 2017 Live Updates – See All Jambite Comments

As we all know the 2nd JAMB MOCK exam 2017 begins today, we decided to drop updates as it unveils from all jamb accredited centre conducting the MOCK exam.

Remember that the 1st Mock Exam was a total mess-up on JAMB’s Part as all their systems totally crumbled to pressure.

This is the 2nd, and maybe the final chance JAMB has to show they are ready to conduct the 2017 UTME, without hitches.

All JAMB Mock Candidates, Please use the comment section to update us every inch of the way, especially if you encounter any issues during the process. This is a Live Updates thread, so let us know when you get to your center, and if at all there is any delay or problems experienced during the process.

See Chat below With Latestschoolgist and a candidates who participated in JAMB MOCK exam

Latestschoolgist: What time did u participated in the Mock exam?

AbuUbayy: Thanks, I”m one of the 7.am batch.

Latestschoolgist: Can you explain how it all went down there?

AbuUbayy:  All things went fine @ my center in Surulere Lagos though they were some delays.
I was among the 7am batch, I and other candidates arrived the venue before the stated Time, we did our BioMetrics (Thumprints) Verification after which we waited till 8.10am before we were ushered into the hall. This delay was as result of the Co-ordinators waiting for other students who are yet to arrive.

Contrary to what jamb stated earlier that Mouse would not be use, we used mouse @ my centre coupled with the eight keys. Experience has proven that Using Mouse with the eight keys was in the interests of the candidates.

Latestschoolgist: How many questions were set for Use of English?

AbuUbayy: 60 questions were set for the Use of English, The breakdown goes thus;
1 Comprehension passage, 1 Register , tests of Orals, synonyms and Antonyms, Syllabic stress,Sentence interpretation et all. Questions were asked on lexis and structure, The questions sets from The recommended book “In dependence” were deep questions. To our surprise, it seems JAMB had gone through the over 200 likely questions that are online specifically on Latestschoolgist and some other website.

LITERATURE Questions were set from the recommended books and poems, few questions were set from Literary terms and Figures of Speech.

Latestschoolgist: How many question for each section in english…and any calculator for people doing math?

AbuUbayy: Yes, total questions 180, 60 for English.

Latestschoolgist:  I mean how english question were group..how many question in each phase…was calculator given to maths candidate JAMB MOCK exam 2017

AbuUbayy: Yes, I cant remember, Options 51 -60 is Test of orals. 1 passage, 1 Register and so on.

Latestschoolgist: Were u guys allow 2 use mouse?

AbuUbayy: Yes!

Latestschoolgist: Plz wot was d duration of d exam?

AbuUbayy: 2hours!

Latestschoolgist: Thank u. Plz can u help me type d list of books and poems meant to be read for jamb(literature). Thanks!
i. Frank Ogodo Ogbeche : Harvest of Corruption
Non African:
i. William Shakespeare : Othello
i. Amma Darko : Faceless
ii. Bayo Adebowale : Lonely Days
i. Richard Wright : Native Son
i. Birago Diop : Vanity
ii. Gbemisola Adeoti : Ambush
iii. Gabriel Okara : Piano and Drums
iv. Gbanabam Hallowell : The Dining Table
v. Lenrie Peter : The Panic of Growing Older
vi. Kofi Awoonor : The Anvil and the Hammer
Non African:
i. Alfred Tennyson : Crossing the Bar
ii. George Herbert : The Pulley
iii. William Blake : The School Boy
iv. William Morris : The Proud King
Latestschoolgist: Thank u so very much. I am most grateful.
AbuUbayy: You are welcome sir
Latestschoolgist: Plz one more favour d 8 keys includes: S-SUBMIT; P-PREVIOUS; N-NEXT; KEYS(A,B,C,D,E). Please are my correct? if no,please help me out.thank u! JAMB MOCK exam 2017
AbuUbayy you’re very correct sir, I used it with the mouse, it always my fear. it was interesting being a first time jambite.

Latestschoolgist: I wish you all the best in your forthcoming examination

As all jambite now have a clue on how the exam is gonna look like, we employ all jamb candidates reading this to be diligent and remain focus.

More JAMB MOCK EXAM Updates Coming In Shortly!!!!

johnnyboy0 says:

Hmmmm…. I’m done with mock
I was slated for 7:00am buh we were not allowed into the hall until a few minutes after nine??…..the exam sha started after 10:00am. 2 hours for 180 questions, there were 6 CCTV cameras within the hall. You can use both the keyboard and mouse, its just there in case one goes faulty JAMB MOCK exam 2017


evrytin went well,there were cctv camaras in d hall and one outside
the time was 2 hrs to answer 180 questions 60 english,d rest was 40 each
d question numbers were written downward,d subjects and time were indicated above d questions,dere was an icon for calculator and a red box saying end exam still on top
there was mouse and keyboard to use according to the one u prefer dere was a guide on the screen on how use d 8 key system
@moshood abiola poly abeokuta ogun state,tinz went well,we started a little bit late after 8 instead of 7,d question are nt too hard,d system were wow!!! I dd maths,biology,eng@chem its only d maths i tink i need to work on tanks

Mhiz AnnaB. says:

Mehn!It went so well in my side.
1st d road and t-fare was a bit ok 2day.
2ndly, I got to my centre (Daropeg college) around 6:56am then we waited till after 7 to 8am to thumb-print then into d exam hall.
Inside d exam hall dre is a cctv camera in 1 corner of d room.We sat down quietly from 8am-9am when we were told to fill in our registration no then d exam begins.
Where ur answer A is u click A or u use ur mouse to do so just d way myschool said earlier is not a difficult tin 2 do then I finished under 1hr 30 mins.
Least I forget sum part in english does not have questions so we were asked to leave it dat way

Aniobi Geraldine says:

yea the exams for me was awesome… the computers were great there were cctv cameras but i dnt knw if they were actually working and the turn up for the exams at my centre was very low…my centre had up to 300 working computer systems….. every worked perfectly fine jamb actuually sent some people from their board to the centre who videoing the whole stuff thigh we didnt start on time we were meant to start by 7m buh we started by after 9. there was both mouse and keyboards in the hall…all i can say is thank you God.
tifexx says:
Thank God at adengbero ict poly,today we almost lost a jambite girl to a asthmatic attack!!!please if u are asthmatic always bring ur inhaler.

Macnnoli4 says:

Everything went well(7am candidate).
Started by 9am.I forgot to check if there was cctv camera.
No mouse,so I used arrow keys and trackpad(the flat imitation of a mousein a laptop).there was scientific calculator.
Time :2hrs
english(60 Q)-1 comprehension,1 summary,UNEXPECTED In depence questions(read novel carefully),others
biology(40 Q)-questions and diagrams
chemistry(40 Q)
Physics(40 Q) -questions and calculations.
Time icon,submit icon,subject icons (up the screen)
number of questions answered(down the screen).

 Alfred AT says:

Everything went well to some of us here in Kashim Ibrahim college of education, Jos/kano road, Maiduguri Borno state. With the exception of those with biometric problem, the systems are not that special, we used both mouse and the keyboard, 180 questions were allotted, English language 60,physics 40, biology 40,chemistry 40. Time allowed 120 minutes


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